Sunday, February 28, 2010

What is Cain up to at 13 Months?

I have enjoyed going back and reading the changes Cain has made each month so I’ve decided to continue doing Cain’s monthly milestone post on my blog.

So what is Cain doing at 13 months?

-We have witnessed lots of changes in Cain over the last month. He is truly turning into a little toddler who is into everything.

-The biggest change is that he can now crawl on his hands and knees. Personally, I think it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

-He even crawled up 4 stairs over at our friend’s house. And he would have kept going up the stairs if we had let him.

-Cain no longer drinks from a bottle. He only drinks from a sippy cup now. I hated getting rid of the bottle because to me it meant my baby was growing up but I knew it was time.

-Cain now eats table food for all meals. No more baby food. Right now his favorites are pancakes for breakfast and grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. I tear both of these into pieces and he will feed himself. He will also eat chicken & turkey sticks, grilled chicken, sweet potatoes, blacked-eyed peas, applesauce and baby yogurt. I’m still working hard to decide which vegetables he likes but I certainly know he still doesn’t like peas. For the most part, he is a really good eater and will eat just about anything we are eating.

-He pulls up on everything. Last month this was still a little hard for him but if he wants to stand up now he will find a way to pull himself up.

-He has cruised the length of the couch a few times.

-Cain LOVES his books. He has so many toys and his favorite thing to do is sit in his room and flip through the pages of his books.

-Cain’s new word for the month is “Elmo”. I can ask him what my name is and he says nothing….I point to Brad and ask who that is and again Cain says nothing…I point to Elmo and ask who it is and Cain says Elmo!

-Cain now gives kisses!!! We can ask for a kiss and he will (when he wants to) lean over and give us a kiss. We absolutely love this!

-Cain LOVES to dance. If he hears music he starts dancing. We still need to work on his dance moves but for now his dance move is waving his arms up and down. It's so cute!


melissa said...

So glad that you found me! I have added you as a friend on facebook, let's keep in touch. Have you heard about BEST group to belong to EVER! All babies there have HRHS, I even met one with HRHS, TA, TGA, CoA, ASD and VSD just like Cain and Tyson! You have to sign up for membership but it's free and it's worth the trouble. Hope to hear from you on facebook soon!

RainSplats said...

I read your story over on 3 Boys + 1 Hubby. I have a heart baby, too. She is 20 months old. Do you have any sites or resources or support groups that help you along? I'm looking.

Joanna B said...

Your little boy is so cute! I found your blog while I was searching for info on CHD. We are adopting a little girl with tetralogy of fallot, and I am learning all I can before we bring her home to have surgery.