Thursday, February 18, 2010

CHD Awareness Luncheon

On Tuesday we attended the annual congenital heart defect awareness day luncheon at Vanderbilt Children's. Our Governor and Mayor signed a proclamation declaring February 14, 2010 as Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day in the state of TN. Every year at the reception, state and local proclamations for CHD Awareness Day are presented to the pediatric cardiology department.

This is the proclamation being presented to some of the Pediatric Cardiology Staff. The man in the blue shirt is Cain's heart surgeon, Dr. Bichell.

Cain's new cardiologist and his nurse were also at the luncheon.

And so were many other heart kiddo's. I just love being able to see the older heart kids run around just like normal kids.

We were very lucky to have Mark O'Shea & his wife Jay sing some songs for us at the reception. They performed their "Look at Me Now" song for us. I couldn't help but cry as they sang this song. I'm sure many of the other 'heart moms' had tears in their eyes too. He actually has a great video to go along with the song. The video was shot at Vandy and some of the kids that were at this reception are in the video. Click on "Look at Me Now" to see it.

Cain with Mark & Jay O'Shea. Mark is also a CHD survivor. He was born with Tetralogy of Fallot.

While we were at the hospital Brad & I dropped off gift baskets/bags that will be given to some of the heart families who have children in the hospital. We know firsthand how difficult the hospital stay can be and how sometimes the little things (such as a small gift basket) can provide comfort. I included a letter with Cain's birthday invitation and asked that people bring gift cards and/or food items that could go in gift baskets rather than gifts for Cain. Thanks to the generosity of our family and friends we were able to put together several gift baskets and bags.

Cain with the gift baskets that will be given out in honor of his first birthday.

This is Cain with Carolyn Orr. She is one of the social workers that will help make sure the gift baskets/bags get to families on the cardiac floors.

We owe a HUGE 'thank-you' to our family and friends who helped us be able to give this gift in honor of Cain's birthday. We would not have been able to do this without your help and generosity. Thanks to you we were able to donate 7 gift baskets that each included 5 gift cards along with tons of snacks and 10 gift bags that each included subway gift cards and more snacks. And this week my mom mailed me more gift cards that were given to her so we will be able to donate a few more gift baskets next week!

Thanks again to everyone who helped us make this possible!!!!

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