Sunday, January 24, 2010

History has been made!!!

I'm sure you can imagine what our family was doing tonight. That's right...we were glued to the TV watching history in the making. Tonight our beloved Saints won the NFC Championship and are now going to the Superbowl. Unbelievable!!! We like to say Cain is the golden child and helped them make it to the Superbowl. Now if only he can help them win it.

Our little Saints fan

Pre-game nap

"Okay...the nap was just what I needed. I'm ready for the game now"

Watching the game with Daddy

Poor baby!! I wish I could say that Cain was crying because he was happy that the Saints are Superbowl bound. Instead I must admit he was crying after we startled him with our screaming when the Saints made a 40 yard field goal to win the game! The game ended much later than Cain's bedtime but I kept him awake so he could see history in the making.



Anonymous said...

the last picture is hilarious. it will be the same face he will likely have for the next 40 years if he continues to be a saints fan!!!

sorry...had to say it


Tiffany Lockette said...

Go Saints, Go Saints woo hoo!! I am so glad they won. I didn't realize they have never been to the super bowl, that is crazy!! Cain is so dang cute. I love his little Saints jersey!