Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Finally.... My Last Christmas Post

I promise this will be my last Christmas post. We were home for 9 days which means I took a million pictures and have so many to share. We were able to visit with many of our friends while we were home. Most of our friends were meeting Cain for the very first time.

Kinbur meeting Cain

Cain, Monica, and her little baby Jackson. This was my first time to meet Jackson. I swear they look like they could be brothers.

Jackson & Cain

Cain had so many fun playing with Jackson and his toys

Scott McKenzie with Cain. Scott will be running the Disney Marathon this weekend in honor of Cain and has raised over $3000 for the Children's Heart Foundation. So awesome!!

Holli, Cain, Abby, and Anna Brooke

High School Friends and our children

Shauna & Cain

Chrissy, her precious daughter Bella, and Cain

All the girls loving on Cain.

The girls just couldn't get enough of him and Cain was loving it!

Cain in awe of Bella

Amy, her daughter Abby, & Cain
Once the girls warmed up to each other they had a blast playing together in the restaurant. Thank goodness we were there towards the end of the lunch rush. Otherwise they may have kicked us out of the restaurant. The girls were having so much fun playing the walls were shaking. Seriously!
Making their silly faces. Love it!!!!
Brian getting to finally meet Cain. I love that Brad and Brian are cuddled up in their LSU snuggies.
Kenan & Cain meeting for the first time

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too cute!!!lots of new friends!!