Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lots of playtime with friends

I had hoped I would be able to show you a video of Cain waving and clapping but that 'little stinker' won't do it when I am video taping him. He will do his new tricks for me all day but as soon as he sees the camera he ignores me. Talk about already having a mind of his own.

So instead, I'll share pictures of the fun he had with his friends yesterday. During the day we went and visited with Liza and last night I watched our friend Luke while his parents went to a Christmas party. I think Cain really enjoyed all his playtime yesterday.
Yes, I know this isn't a great picture of Cain & Liza but it was the best I could get of two wiggly kids. I thought it was so cute since it looks like Cain is driving Liza around.
He really enjoyed playing with her cars.
And yes, he is still in his pj's at noon. It was a horrible rainy day here yesterday so I kept him in his pajama's all day.
Cain & Luke playing with Cain's toys. I put a Christmas tree in his room and decorated it with his toys. I'll have to show you more pictures of that later. I think it turned out really cute. It looks like a big mess in this picture because we were playing with some of the toys off the tree.
Cain seemed to really enjoy hanging out with his buddy Luke. He just laughed and stared at him all evening.
I would ask Luke what sound a lion makes and then Luke would roar. Cain thought that was hilarious. He laughed every time Luke roared.
At one point, Cain became very interested in Luke's ear. I thought it was cute at first...
Until Cain decided he wanted to pull on it. I had to stop him real fast! I hope this isn't a sign of how he will play with other kids on the playground.
As you can see...the ear pulling didn't seem to bother Luke too much. Isn't he adorable!
We have plans to attend a Christmas Party at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital tomorrow. We will get to visit with some of our heart friends, nurses, and Dr's. And I hear that Cain may get to meet Santa for the first time!! I'm really excited about going to the party.

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