Sunday, December 13, 2009

CHD Christmas Party

Last Thursday we attended the Congenital Heart Defect Christmas Party at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. It was great to visit with other 'heart families'. Some of the families we already knew and some we were able to meet for the 1st time. It was wonderful to watch the bigger heart kiddo's run around and play like normal children.

This was Cain's first time to meet Santa and he did great! I was so proud of him. He didn't even cry. He mostly just stared at Santa with a very serious, inquisitive stare. After all, he's never seen a big white beard like that!

Everyone relaxing and hanging out at the party.

The youth group from Friendship Community Church volunteered their time and also brought us food for the party. Thank you all SO much!

Two of the volunteers making a heart out of candy canes.
Cain also had a few visitors stop by the party. This is his babysitter Megan and Ben who both work on the 3rd floor at Vanderbilt. Ben was the one who called Cain back for his Glenn operation. He was so nice to us and took great care of us during a very stressful time. Another one of his nurses, Lauren, also stopped by to say "hello".
Cain was also able to visit with his heart buddy Colby. These boys have had 4 heart surgeries between the two of them. So hard to believe. You would never know just by looking at them. They both look wonderful!
Brad was out of town last week for work so he couldn't be with us at the party. I hate that Brad had to miss Cain seeing Santa for the first time. I'm thinking we need to take Cain to see Santa one night this week so Brad can see him sitting in Santa's lap!


Kathy said...

Oh Catherine, I just love the second picture - Cain and Santa looking at each other. How precious! I can just imagine what an emotional time the party was, but what a blessing too.

Tiffany Lockette said...

Cain and Colby, two cutie pies and precious little heart angels. True blessings.

Emery Wilkerson said...

I love the pics of Cain looking up at Santa!!! So precious!