Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cain's 1st Thanksgiving

I've already mentioned that our Thanksgiving morning started off with a 5 mile run. What I haven't told you about was the relaxing part of our Thanksgiving.

We had so much fun celebrating Cain's very first Thanksgiving. My parents, my Granddad and my Aunt Jane all drove up from Louisiana to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. They arrived Wednesday afternoon and stayed until Sunday. As always, I hated to see them leave.

My Granddad and Cain

My Aunt and Cain

We had a great time while they were here. We ate alot and relaxed alot. This year I actually cooked everything all by myself except for the turkey that Brad fried (that's his job). My mom is usually the one that stands in the kitchen for hours but this year I decided it would be nice to let her relax and see if I could do it all myself. I can proudly say I cooked sweet potato casserole, dressing, made deviled eggs and homemade banana pudding all by myself. And even remembered to put the rolls in the oven.

Brad's perfect fried turkey. My dad and Granddad have already requested he cook another fried turkey at Christmas.

I guess Cain wasn't as excited as we were about eating lunch because he ended up falling asleep right before we sat down to eat.

Sleepy boy

He woke up just as we were finishing and so we brought him to the table for his very first Thanksgiving meal. I gave him a few small bites of the sweet potato's, dressing, turkey and banana pudding. I'd say he was a happy baby.

Yes, that is paper plates you see in the picture. I told you I cooked everything! You didn't think I was going to do the dishes too, did you?

Mom, Jane, Cain and I ran errands and shopped on Saturday while the boys went to a shooting range.

Then Saturday night we went out to eat and I finally put Cain in a highchair at a restaurant for the very first time. I know...I know...he could have sat in a highchair months ago but I've been too afraid of germs and Cain getting sick. Trust me, I wiped the highchair down with antibacterial gel and put a highchair cover in it before I let Cain sit in in.

He looked like such a big boy sitting in the highchair at dinner.

We had so much to give thanks for this year. I had so much fear last Thanksgiving not knowing what would happen after Cain's birth and after his heart surgeries. What a joy it was to look at Cain this Thanksgiving and realize how far we have come. We certainly have been through alot during the last year but I wouldn't change it for the world. I am SO THANKFUL for Cain and the joy he has brought into our lives. I know he is on this earth for a reason and I know God has big plans for him. He has already touched many lives and I know he will continue to touch many more.

I hope each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too! I am thankful for each and every one of you out there who read this blog of ours. Thank you so much for caring about Cain and our family.

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The Hitchcock Family said...

I am so glad Cain had such a great 1st Thanksgiving! Way to go on cooking everything...I'm impressed!He does look so big in that highchair. When I read that, I thought about us. It sounds just like me when Colby sat in his first highchair. We finally stopped using the cover, but I stil wipe them down with Clorox wipes. Yes, I actually carry Clorox wipes in my purse. : )
I can't wait to see pics from Cain's first Christmas!