Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cain's 1st Christmas

I'm sure you could have guessed this without me having to tell you but.....
This has been the best Christmas of my entire life!!!! I'll never be able to forget the fear and uncertainty I had last Christmas not knowing if I would be able to celebrate Cain's 1st Christmas with him. But look at him now!!!! We have had SO MUCH FUN celebrating his very 1st Christmas. This will be a Christmas I'll never forget!!
Cain on Christmas Eve in his jammies. Ready for Santa to come.
Santa's helper on Christmas Eve. After taking this picture I noticed the Santa Tracker on the TV. I thought that was pretty funny.
Christmas morning 2009
Looks like Cain was a good boy this year. Santa brought him lots of goodies!!
Cain checking one of his new rides.
Cain trying out his other new ride (a LSU tricycle that my granddad gave him).

My parents made a donation to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital this year. I thought that it was a very thoughtful gift considering Vanderbilt Children's is the reason we were able to celebrate this Christmas with Cain!

My Aunt Jane with Cain

Cain & Momma on Christmas morning

Yes, my dad did have to buy Cain his very 1st camo jacket and a hat that says "Grandpa's fishing buddy"

Cain with his Great-Granddaddy

"Okay...all the presents are opened and food is on the table. Where is everyone? I'm ready to eat!"


The Hitchcock Family said...

It looks like Cain had a great 1st Christmas, and I am so glad!!! Colby and Cain need to get their new toys together and play...Colby got the Mater ride on toy that matches Cain's Lightning McQueen. Colby also got the Chuck the talking Dump Truck from Santa! Too funny!! Hope you guys have a great New Year's!

Anonymous said...

Collin got a new ride also. A kawaski four wheeler, not motorized but a push toy that he can move with his feet. He loves it. It came from my MIL. Now he has 3 cars to ride and he can actually push all 3 with his feet while sitting. Looks like Cain was spoiled rotten!