Tuesday, December 29, 2009

11 Months

I can't believe that my sweet baby boy will turn one in just one month. Where has this year gone?

What is Cain doing at 11 months?

-Cain can say Da-da, Momma, and even Poppa (he whispers Poppa every time he says it). Last month Cain would only say Momma but now he says Da-da ALL the time.
-At Cain’s last weight check he weighed 19lbs 7oz.
-Cain has finally learned to sit up on his own. This is REALLY exciting for us.
-He is very mobile now. He still isn’t crawling on his hands and knees but he can get anywhere by belly crawling (low crawl/army crawl…whatever it’s called) We will be baby proofing our house tomorrow. He’s into everything now!
-Cain can wave bye-bye, clap, and mimic many things we do. We are now working to teach him how to give high-fives & blow kisses.
-Today he learned how to put a little basketball into a basketball goal he has.
-He likes to throw things and is now throwing balls to us.
-He loves taking a bath and is really starting to splash around in the bath water.
-He’s constantly “talking” and making noises.
-Cain loves playing with his toys. He received a little barn for Christmas and loves opening the door to it and throwing the farm animals inside the door and taking them back out.
-He can now drink his own bottle without us holding it for him.
-Cain is such a happy, mellow baby. We are so proud to be his parents.

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Anonymous said...

wow! Cain is a big boy. I guess you never get the "talk" I always get with my cardiologist..the weight gain talk that is LOL. Collin weighs the same thing as Cain but is almost 18 months old. Oh well...Cain is such a cute little chunker!