Monday, November 9, 2009

No more machines!

A few weeks ago we were able to say “good-bye” to another machine. Cain’s cardiologist needed to write another approval letter for Cain’s pulse oximeter. His nurse called to say that as long as we were comfortable without having it in our home then the cardiologist was comfortable with that too. We rarely used the machine anymore. We were just using it here and there to spot check Cain's oxygen sat's. After talking with Brad we decided we were okay to see it go. It helps that we live less than 100 yards from our pediatrician so if I had any worries I could just run Cain down to the office to use their machine.

The pulse oximeter detected Cain's heart rate and oxygen saturation levels by putting this lead around his toe.

And this was Cain's pulse oximeter. And yes, it does say his sat's were 91!!!! I can't explain how happy it makes us to see Cain sat'ing in the 90's. Before Cain's last surgery his sat's were in the upper 60's lower 70's and now they are in the upper 80's lower 90's. Simply amazing!! I'll never forget the weekend we spent in the hospital with Cain when his sat's were in the 50's. That was such a stressful weekend.

Cain patiently waiting to see what his sat's are running.

"Are you serious mom? Can my sat's really be 92?"

"If so, that makes me one happy baby!"

"Let's get this thing off my toe before the number (oxygen sat's) goes down"

Of course, just a few days after the medical supply company had picked up the pulse oximeter I noticed Cain’s hands were occasionally turning a little blue. This would happen shortly after I fed him his bottle. I called and discussed this with the cardiologist’s nurse and we decided I would keep an eye on it to see if it got any worse. This only happened a day or two and since then his coloring seems to be perfect. Thank goodness!! He had a little runny nose on the days this happened so I’m thinking that had something to do with it. Naturally it worried me a little but everything seems to be fine now so I’m one happy momma!

I tried to take a picture of his little hand up against mine the day we noticed his hands were a little blue. It's really hard to tell the color from this picture. I took the picture with my phone so it's the best I could do.

Little blue hand

And this is a picture I took today to show a perfect colored hand.


The Simmons Family said...

92... are you serious??? I am amazed! I always try to take the blue hand pics and they NEVER turn out!!

Susan said...

Cain has your smile in the 4th picture down. So precious!