Friday, November 13, 2009

A little of this...and a little of that...

Sorry for the lack of blogs this week. I have a feeling the grandparents are anxious to see pictures of Cain. I guess I just took a little blog break for a few days.

Cain had no doctors appointments or physical therapy this week so I tried to make use of our time and get alot of work done and get the house cleaned. Brad's been out of town this week and we've missed him a bunch. It will be nice to have him back home tonight. I'm sure he's ready to see his little buddy. Along with work and cleaning, I've been able to visit with friends this week which was nice. Last night I went to a support group meeting for heart parents. I've been to one other meeting and it was good to see the other heart moms again. I really look forward to becoming more involved in this group and I'm very happy that we have a support group here in Nashville. Last night we had a Cardiologist who takes care of adult congenital heart patients speak to us. We learned a lot and I think my biggest "take away" from the meeting was as Cain grows up I need to promote independence such as let him be the one to talk to the cardiologists, let him refill medications, let him make his own appointments, educate him as much as I can about his heart defects. All of this will help him as an adult living with CHD. Of course this isn't anything I have to think about anytime soon but it was very interesting information to learn.

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The Simmons Family said...

That video cracked me up!! So MUCH slobber when he spit too.. what a crack up!