Monday, November 2, 2009

Cain's 1st Halloween

We had so much fun celebrating Cain's first Halloween. I hated for night to end because I thought Cain looked so cute in his costume. I just didn't want to have to take it off of him.

We were very excited because we were invited to two very fun parties this weekend. On Friday night we went to our next door neighbors pumpkin carving party. The kids (and adults) that were there had a blast carving pumpkins and my neighbor Katherine and her friend Ann did a wonderful job making the cutest Halloween party food. this not the cutest Halloween food table ideas you've ever seen.

Brad showing Cain the bird.

Ha! Cain decided he really liked the bird and wanted to grab it. Brad kept having to hold him back. He's all boy for sure!

Then Halloween finally arrived and I was able to dress Cain up in his Halloween costume!!! I was SO excited!!!

Here's our little Yoda!!!!!!!! For all you serious Star Wars fans...yes, we realize that Yoda's lightsaber is green but we couldn't find a small green lightsaber. And a little boy dressed as Yoda at the party we went to made sure to point it out to me. Ha!
That afternoon we went to our friends Candis and Patrick's Neighborhood Halloween Party.

Candis (who is pregnant with their 2nd boy), Patrick, and their precious boy Drew. They were great hosts and know how to throw a very fun party.

There was so much for the kids to do at this party. They had face painting.

They had a kids parade so they could show off their costumes.

And the kids had a blast taking turns at the pinata.

Of course, Cain enjoyed watching all the festivities and I bet he can't wait until he is older so he can join in the fun!

May the force be with you.Posted by Picasa

Liza dressed as a pretty flower

Daddy and Cain playing with the lightsaber. I don't know who enjoyed it more...Brad or Cain.

Later that evening Cain watched Liza Trick-or-Treat. She was able to teach him what he will get to do next year.

Getting Cain strapped in to go watch Liza trick-or-treat.
Liza going to knock on her first door. How exciting!
We had a blast and I'm already ready to dress Cain up again next year!


ashleycottrell said...

He is the cutest Yoda ever!!!

The Hitchcock Family said...

Yoda is adorable!! I love it. Those parties looked awesome!

The Banks Family said...

What a cute little yoda!! Looks like a great 1st Halloween!!

Rachel and Bryan said...

This family of Star Wars fans has to say that Cain is the most adorable Yoda that we have ever seen!

Jessica Turner said...

That Yoda costume is adorable!