Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sip and See Party

My mom had a party at her house while we were in Louisiana so friends and family could meet Cain. It meant so much to me to be able to introduce Cain to the people who have prayed so hard for him during this past year. I think it meant a lot to each of them too.

Mom had hearts put on the little cakes which I thought was really sweet.
Cain dressed and ready to meet people.
Well, we thought he was ready. He decided he needed a quick nap instead. He ended up falling asleep right before the party started so we let him take a quick 30 minute nap and then woke him up to meet everyone.

Me with my cousin Katelyn. She had been so ready to meet Cain!!
My best friend Kristi and her daughter Holli

Cain decided he needed his bottle since we wouldn't give him any punch and petit fours.

A whole bunch of cousins. Me, Cori, my mom, Cori's mom Mrs. Charlotte and our other cousin Anita Kay

Speaking of Anita Kay...she made Cain this ADORABLE hat for winter. She seriously made the whole thing by hand. I love it and thought it was so cute on him. I already bought him a brown fleece coat a few weeks ago at a consignment sale that I think will go perfect with this hat.

Holli & Summer talking with Cain. While they were sitting here Holli asked Cain.."do you love me with all of your heart?" I thought it was so sweet. Then she proceeded to say.."tell me you love me!" Not realizing he couldn't talk. Just precious.
Holli & Summer just met for the first time at my moms house and they seemed to love playing together. They are both beautiful little girls.
Rocking my cousin Jennifer's little girl Ella. I was SO EXCITED to finally meet Ella.
Ella with her Uncle Freddie (my dad)

The Grandmothers rocking their sweet babies as they slept.
Me & my Granddad

Cain, Granddad, and my cousin Lee

More family!! Uncle Joe, Aunt Janice (one of my dad's sisters), Aunt Karen, Katelyn, Lee, and my Uncle Mike (my dad's brother)

Brad's mom was able to come in town too! That was very exciting. She was SO ready to see Cain again.

I think Cain really enjoyed his party and meeting everyone.

I later realized that I didn't get pictures of everyone who stopped by the house. I wish I had of thought to get pictures of Cain with everyone. Thank you all so much for coming by to meet him. I enjoyed visiting with everyone and can't wait to bring Cain home again (hopefully sooner than later).

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The Heberts said...

I love this blog! I guess I like to see ya'll at home. We miss ya'll already and can't wait to see u again. I'm so happy things went so well so you will come back soon(hopefully).
Love ya,