Friday, October 23, 2009

H1N1 Vaccine & Synagis shots

What a relief!...Cain was able to receive his H1N1 vaccine yesterday. His pediatrician received 10 doses of the vaccine for his most at risk babies. Cain was considered to be part of this group so the nurse called us yesterday to see if I could bring Cain in for his first dose of the vaccine. I believe he will need to go back in a month for the second dose of the vaccine. The Dr. also recommended that Brad and I get the H1N1 vaccine as well to help protect Cain.

And since it's RSV season, Cain had to restart his Synagis shots. 'RSV' stands for Respiratory Syncytial Virus which is a very common virus that infects half of all children during their first year of life and, by age five, all children will have been infected at least once. Most infections are mild but RSV can cause severe illnesses in infants who were born prematurely or who have lung problems. RSV season runs from October through April so I will be taking Cain to his pediatricians office each month for these shots.

I am so thankful that our insurance pays a huge majority of the Synagis shots. These shots are ridiculously expense costing typically over $1000 a shot. Thank goodness for insurance!

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