Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Grand Weekend with Cain's Grandmother

Brad's mom was in town over the weekend. I know she was SO happy to finally get her hands on Cain. The last two times she was here was when he was born and for his last surgery. Both of her visits were during very stressful times so I know this trip was GREAT for her.

We had a very relaxing weekend of spending time with her at our house and watching lots of football. It was a great football weekend for us considering both LSU & the Saints won their games. We still can't believe that the Saints are undefeated this season. What a great year for Cain to become a Saints fan!

Since we couldn't watch the Saints game at home we found a restaurant that was playing the game. I couldn't believe how great Cain was. He was so patient with us considering we were at the restaurant several hours watching the game. He never even cried. Just ate, slept and played. Oh...and cheered a little!

Cain taking a lunch break during the Saints game.

Happy that the Saints are winning. This is his new smile. Every time he smiles now he opens his mouth as wide as it will go. It cracks me up every time he does it.

I tried very hard to get a family photo but as you can see in the next two pictures my boys just weren't cooperating.

"Seriously mom...another picture?"

"Fine but I'm not too happy about this"

We had a great weekend and I think Cain really enjoyed having his MeMaw in town spoiling him.

Saying "good-bye" at the airport.

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