Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First Little Cold

When Cain woke up this morning he was sneezing nonstop and it was like someone had turned on a faucet in his nose. I felt so sorry for the little guy. We have been so lucky that he hasn't been sick until now but since this was his first cold I was a little bit nervous. I decided I would rather be safe than sorry so I called his pediatrician to let them know what was going on. They thought it was best if I went ahead and brought him in this afternoon so the doctor could take a look at him. Of course, Cain ended up taking a very long morning nap and woke up in a great mood and the sneezing and runny nose seemed to have stopped. (Thank goodness!) I think I would have cancelled the appointment but he woke up when the office was closed for lunch and his appointment was at 12:50 so I decided to just keep the appointment rather than canceling at the last minute.

We didn't get to see Cain's regular pediatrician because he was out of town but the Dr. we saw was very sweet. She told me that even though he seemed to be feeling better she was glad I brought him in so they could listen to his chest and make sure everything sounded okay and that he wasn't congested. She said that he seemed to have a little cold that would just have to run its course and I should watch to make sure he doesn't start running any fever. His nose was a little runny later this evening and he was still sneezing a bit but for the most part he seems to be feeling just fine. Hopefully it will turn out to be nothing. We take so many precautions to keep him away from germs. I would just hate to see him with a bad cold.

Before they weighed him today they asked me if he could sit up on his own. It was so exciting to tell the nurse that he could! And I thought it was pretty adorable to see him sitting on the scale for the first time. He weighed a whopping 18lbs. 15oz. today. My baby is getting so big.

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ashleycottrell said...

So cute. Feel better soon Cain!!!