Friday, October 30, 2009

Breaking News!

This just in......Cain rolled from his back to his stomach for the very first time tonight. I can not explain how excited we were. I think Cain was pretty excited too!! (or maybe Cain was just excited due to all the jumping up and down and screaming his parents were doing) The fact that it has taken Cain a little longer to hit some of these milestones has really taught me to appreciate them when they first happen. I am one excited Mommy tonight. And I think Daddy is pretty excited too!!


The Hitchcock Family said...

Yay Cain!!! I am so proud of him! That is awesome. I know how excited you two are. I am sitting here crying watching him roll onto his stomach. I definitely appreciate these milestones so much more now!

Robby and Betty said...

I think everyone is excited. I cheered too!!!
I think Cain already likes to entertain you!
He is such a cutie pie!

ashleycottrell said...

Way to go Cain!!!!

Tiffany Lockette said...

Oh that is so awesome. Go Cain!!