Thursday, October 29, 2009

9 Months

My little miracle turned 9 months old today. It is crazy to think I was pregnant for 9 months and now he is 9 months old. I have to say…both the pregnancy and the past 9 months flew by way too fast.

What is Cain doing at 9 months?

-As you can tell by Cain's picture he is constantly being funny. I could not get him to sit still and smile. He is now constantly moving around, kicking his feet, waving his hands and just having a good time.
-At Cain’s last weight check he weighed 18lbs 15oz.
-Cain can now sit independently for very long periods of time and rarely falls over anymore. He enjoys sitting and playing with his toys on the floor and doesn’t mind playing by himself while I get things done around the house.
-He is still drinking approximately 24oz. of formula each day.
-He has still been only eating mostly Stage 1 baby foods (1 fruit & 1 vegetable each day) but this month I plan to start feeding him mostly Stage 2 baby foods and will probably start feeding him food 3 times a day rather than just 2 times a day.
-He’s still a toothless monster. I keep telling him if he would get some teeth I would think about letting him try some real food.
-Cain still has a therapist come to our house almost every week. We continue to work very hard on his motor skills. Right now we are working the most on Cain being able to pull himself up into a sitting position. We do little baby sit ups with him each day to help strengthen is stomach muscles. He can now pull himself up into a sitting position by holding on to one of our fingers and we only help him a little.
-We found out the other day that if we put him on his knees he can stay in a tall kneeling position. See...

-Cain is really starting to copy things we do and noises we make.
-Cain isn’t clapping on his own yet but just the other day he started opening his hands when I clapped them together. He was always keeping his hands in fists when I clapped them together. (I know this may not seem like a big deal to some people but after all Cain’s been through every little new motor skill is very exciting to me.)
-Cain is constantly laughing, smiling, and making new sounds. He is always making us laugh and has brought so much joy to our lives!!!


ashleycottrell said...

Happy 9th Month Birthday Cain!!!

g-ma-vicki said...

What a cutie bug! I Love tpo see the little ones all dressed up...even if they aren't too sure what the heck is going on with all this crazy stuff!
We want you to know our prayers for Owen (our grandson) AND all his little heart buddies and their families aree unceasing. We love every single one of them and we pray for you wonderful parents, without whom that would not be thriving! Bless you all Owen's GAmma