Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Too many Shots

Yesterday Cain had his well check up and immunizations. His pediatrician seemed very pleased with Cain's progress and growth. Cain's stat's were....

Height: 27 inches (47th percentile)
Weight: 17lb 10oz (32nd percentile)
Head Circumference: 17.32 inches (39th percentile)
Body Mass Index for Age: 35th percentile

As always, the appointment ended with the dreaded immunizations. I hate to watch Cain get a shot. Surprisingly he does really well. Much better than I do when I get a shot.

Last night I realized by the time I put Cain to bed he had been given a total of 6 shots in one day. 6 shots!!! That just makes me sad. His day started out the same as usual with his Lovenox (blood thinner) injection from me, then he received 3 immunizations at the pediatrician office along with his first flu shot, and then the night ended with his 2nd Lovenox injection of the day. Not a fun day for a 7 month old.
We will go back next month for his 2nd flu shot. I guess we will figure out what to do about whether or not he will get a swine flu vaccine when they come available. No matter what I know we will be overly cautious with Cain this winter.
Cain receiving his Rotavirus vaccine
Showing off his all his band-aid's after his immunizations
We walked from our house to his appointment (which I love that we can do) and this is how he rode back. Guess he was relaxing.
He just makes me laugh!


ashleycottrell said...

I like the "hanging out" position

Tiffany Lockette said...

I hate the dreaded shots too!! It is much more worse on us than them. Cain is just too cute.

The Simmons Family said...

Poor guy!! I wish we could walk to our pediatrician appoinments. I had to laugh at Cain kicking up his feet in the stroller.. Owen does the EXACT same thing. We have shots today.. our first immunizations ever and flu shots. My heart goes out to you on the Lovenox shots. I HATED those!!!!! Hopefully Cain won't need them long. :( Our little men are tough little cookies. Love the pics.