Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

My parents drove up from Louisiana to visit during the long holiday weekend. They were so excited to see Cain. I think Cain was pretty excited to see them too.

I kept Cain up a little past his bedtime so my parents could see him when they got here. I knew they were ready to get their hands on him which they did as soon as they walked through the door. As a matter of fact, I don't remember getting to hold him much during the weekend.

Ha! This picture makes me laugh. I'm pretty sure my mom was saying..."Okay've held him long's my turn now." And it doesn't look like my dad is ready to give him away.

Cain had to show MiMi & Poppa how well he is doing with sitting up.

We keep practicing and he keeps getting better at sitting.

Seriously studying MiMi

and Poppa

MiMi and Poppa had a gift for Cain and decided he needed to start playing with it right away. I think Cain really enjoyed staying up way past his bedtime and playing with new toy.

On Saturday Brad and my Dad played golf at the Hermitage Golf Course.

While me, Cain, and my mom had lunch and shopped at Babies R Us.

That night we had to get Cain ready for his very first LSU football game!!!!

Cain's "Uncle Jade" sent him this great outfit. It's a little big right now but we couldn't wait to see it on him.

Daddy and his little Tiger fan.

Unfortunately since LSU was playing Washington the game didn't start until 9:30. This poor little tiger fan had to go to bed before the game started. Since he wasn't going to be able to watch the game with us I thought it was only appropriate to put him to bed in his LSU pajama's. He has a book titled "Hey! Fighting Tigers" that teaches him the Fight Song. Of course this is what I had to read him before putting him to bed.

Sunday we had a very relaxing day! Especially my dad and Cain who were caught taking their nap together!

And that night we went out to dinner.

But then Monday morning finally arrived and my parents had to go home. We hated to see them go and I know they hated to leave.

When my parents left we decided we would run some errands, have some Outback, and enjoy the beautiful weather we were having. It was perfect Labor Day weather!!

Cain watching his Daddy hit some golf balls at the driving range.

Overall I think Cain had a great Labor Day weekend. I hope each of you had a great weekend too!

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The Simmons Family said...

Great pictures!! It sounds like you had a great weekend! We have the piano/car toy.. one of Owen's favorites.