Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cain's Friends

I've already mentioned the twins that live directly across the street a couple of times.. They moved here before Cain came home from the hospital. I'm so happy they moved across the street. It's perfect for Cain to have friends to play with. Since they are just across the street we walk over a couple of times a week to let the boys play.
Play Date #1
Play Date #2
Play Date #3

And I have good news to report!! Cain is starting to do great at sitting up. We practice all the time but I really think playing with the boys helps alot. I used to sit him in his Bumbo chair while he played but now I sit him on the floor and he will sit unassisted the whole time he plays with Paxton and Kellen. It's so cute to watch them all together! The other day we watched Cain laugh out loud at Kellen. I wish I could have gotten that moment on video. It was adorable to see.


The Hitchcock Family said...

Too too cute!! Cain is such a big boy now! He is sitting up great! I know you are happy to see that. It is so much fun to watch every new milestone. I love their play dates...that is great that he has buddies so close!

Anonymous said...

Those photos are adorable. I am so glad to hear that Cain is doing so well. I guess he's just following in the footsteps of his strong, loving parents. Take care.