Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our week in review

This is going to be a very long post with lots of pictures so bare with me. I am still very behind on the blog so I thought I would just do one very long post of a review from our week to get caught up.

Last weekend we took Cain out on the boat again. Our trips out in the boat sure have changed from the way the used to be. We used to spend the entire day on the river but now we have to start our day on the river very early so we can get home before it gets too hot for Cain. I wouldn't change it for the world though.

Cain in his new swimsuit and hat that we bought during 'tax free' weekend! Does he look tough? :)

Monday night Cain & his Daddy had good quality time together while I went out to eat with my friend Allison. We also went to a place in Franklin called Sips and Strokes and painted pictures. We had alot of fun but I don't think either of us are the next Picasso.

And after

Tuesday is the day that Cain's therapist comes to work with him. The therapist seems very happy about the progress Cain is making. We are continuing to work with him on rolling over. He has rolled from his stomach to his back so now we are working with him on rolling from his back to his stomach. The therapist also taught me exercises to do with Cain to build his core muscles so he will be able to sit on his own.

Wednesday morning I had to take Cain to his pediatrician because he had a rash that continued to get worse. Turns out it was eczema. I am now putting hydrocortisone cream on the rash twice a day and it really seems to be helping.
Thursday my cousin Michael stopped by to visit Cain as he was driving through town for work. I love my family so much and was thrilled to see my cousin even if it was for a very short visit.

Cain & Michael

Friday I worked and cleaned house all day while Brad had to travel to Boston for work. I figured if he could fly to Boston and back in a day the least I could do was have the house cleaned when he returned home that night.

I think Brad's long day of work on Friday wore him out because this is what I caught him doing Saturday morning.

I was folding clothes and thought that Cain and Brad sure were being quite. I finally realized why when I caught them napping together.

I guess Cain needed his nap so he would be ready to play with Liza while Brad and Liza's Daddy went to the Titan's preseason game.

Cain and I went to dinner with Allison and Liza and then went back to their house so the kiddo's could play together. I really think Cain is starting to enjoy Liza's company. I love to see him laughing and smiling at her.

Cain & Liza

Liza helping feed Cain his bottle

Benson & Allison have a TV that is pretty low to the ground. We had an Elmo DVD playing and Cain was enthralled. I kept working with Cain on sitting while he stared at Elmo. And look what happened....

He actually sat up for a brief second. It didn't last long but it was a huge success to me. I was so proud!

Of course I had to give him lots of hugs and kisses for a job well done but he was enjoying Elmo way to much to care about my praises.

Sunday Cain showed his Daddy how well he was doing with sitting up (okay so it's really only still just for a second or two but I think it's cute).

Brad getting Cain ready to practice sitting.

I know it looks like he is sitting with his back against the chair but he's actually in the middle of the chair with no support. Good job Cain!!


"I like trying to sit up like a big boy!"

We ended our week with having our friends Tina, Greg, and their little boy Luke over Sunday night for dinner. It was Luke's first time to meet Cain. It was so cute to hear Luke call Cain "Baby Cain".

Cain & Luke
Brad blowing bubbles for Luke

Wow! This really did turn out to be a long post. I feel much better now knowing I'm 'all caught up' on the blog. I hope you enjoyed all the pictures.


Shauna said...

Great job on the post, I loved the pics, esp. the one of Brad and Cain!!

ashleycottrell said...

Way to go Cain!!! Every second counts. You will have mastered it before we know it.

The Banks Family said...

Loved all the pictures and I'm so proud for you that he's starting to sit up! He seems to be loving getting to get out of the house!

Anonymous said...

Cat and Brad,

It has been a while since i have posted a comment, but I still read the blog often- and love to see how Cain is doing, and what adventures every day brings. I am so proud of Cain! He is getting to be such a big boy. I am so happy for you all that Cain is doing so well.

Take care,
Annie O.T.