Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nephrologist Appointment

On Thursday Cain had a follow-up appointment with his Nephrologist. He is still being seen by a Nephrologist due to his BUN and Creatinine levels being elevated during one of his hospital stays. Thankfully we don't have to see this Dr. very often and each time we do it's uneventful. We like uneventful!! They watch him to make sure he has no kidney damage and they also like to watch to make sure he doesn't develop any kidney stones. The Nephrologist said one of the side effects of prolonged use to Lasix (one of the med's Cain takes) can be kidney stones. Thankfully the appointment on Thursday went well and we won't have another follow-up with this Dr. for another 6 months. Somehow I'm supposed to remember to bring a urine sample from Cain with me to this appointment. That's a long time away for me to remember something like that! And if you are like me, you probably wonder how in the world do you get a urine sample from a baby. It's collected from a bag that sticks to him...I just stick the bag on him and get to wait until he goes. We've been to two of these appointments now and Cain did not produce a sample for us either time. That's why they sent me home with a bag this time to collect the sample the day before. :)

Look at how big he is getting! He used to be so look so tiny while laying on this table!!

While we were at the hospital for this appointment I took Cain to see his babysitter Megan. Since Brad and I haven't been on a date in awhile it had been several weeks since Cain last saw Megan. Maybe it's time for a date night soon!

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The Simmons Family said...

Well, I didn't know that Lasix could cause kidney stones, that stinks! Owen has been on lasix since birth and we just went up on in again.

Here's to you catching some urine.. good luck!!!