Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Louisiana visitors

One of the reasons I didn't have much time to blog last week was because I was busy visiting with my best friend who came up to visit. Kristi, her daughter Holli, and her mom drove up from Louisiana last week so Holli and Mrs. Shirley could meet Cain. Kristi is a school teacher and she wanted to make a trip up before she has to start back to school. I was so excited to have them in town. We had a good visit with lots of eating, shopping and visiting. It was so cute to see Holli and Cain together. Their first night here Holli was making noises at Cain and he kept laughing and laughing at her. I wish I had gotten a video of them together.
Holli with her birthday present from 'Aunt' Catherine & 'Uncle' Brad
Holli and Cain slightly bored as we shopped for shoes.
Holli much happier at the Disney store!
All of us together before they had to make the long 8 hour drive back to Louisiana.
Krist took alot more pictures with her camera. I can't wait to see them. I think we got some really cute pictures of Holli & Cain together.

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The Hebert Family said...

I miss ya'll already! I'm sorry it is taking me so long to get you all the pictures. Yours are so cute too!