Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hearing Evaluation

Today Cain had a hearing screen performed. After going to the wrong building, having to take a shuttle to the correct building, and having to wait over an hour to be seen Cain finally had his test performed. The final result was…no result! They did not seem concerned about his hearing (and neither am I) but they told me they couldn’t get an accurate reading so they want us to come back next month.

I asked the Dr’s why Cain needed a hearing test and I was told it was because he had a low Apgar score at birth and because of his heart defects. I had no idea what an Apgar score was so I looked it up online. I learned that the Apgar score is the very first test given to your newborn. The test is designed to quickly evaluate a newborn's physical condition after delivery and to determine any immediate need for extra medical or emergency care. There are five factors used to evaluate the baby’s conditions:

1. activity and muscle tone
2. pulse (heart rate)
3. grimace response (medically known as "reflex irritability")
4. appearance (skin coloration)
5. respiration (breathing rate and effort)

Considering Cain wasn’t breathing at birth and he was blue in coloring…I understand why he would have a low Apgar score. Thankfully his hearing seems to be just fine but I guess we will know more next month when we go back for another appointment.

Cain was not a fan of the thing in his ear. I had to keep singing Patty Cake to keep him from crying. I'm sure the techs in the room wished their hearing was bad so they didn't have to hear me singing.

Cain watching bubbles as his hearing was being evaluated.


Kathy said...

I don't think you have any worries about his hearing. He seemed to hear every silly noise I was making in his direction on Tuesday evening. Man that is one precious baby!

ashleycottrell said...

Good newspaper reading today. The ENT appts. are one appts David and I do Rock Paper Scissors to see how has to take Carter. They are always sooo long. Then then end with "no results." I feel your pain. See you tonight!!!