Thursday, July 23, 2009

YUM...YUM...or maybe not...

Since Cain is almost 6 months old and his Dr. gave us the go ahead....we decided last Saturday was finally the day to start Cain on.......

That's right...rice cereal. YUM...YUM...

His pediatrician told us he would probably end up spitting it all back at us rather than eating it. Thankfully he didn't spit it on us but I feel safe to say he isn't a huge fan of rice cereal.

Getting ready for the big first bite! I think I'm more excited than Cain.

Of course I had to dress him in his fancy tuxedo bib for the big occasion. He actually wore the same bib the first time he ate from a bottle.

"I'm not so sure of this mom."

Breaking to take medicine.

Speaking of medicine...we are no longer using the Insuflon port to give Cain his Lovenox injection. It kept bruising around the site so we are now giving him twice daily injections without the port. It kills me to have to give him a shot each morning and night. Cain actually does great though and rarely cries when I give him his shot so that makes me feel much better.

Ha! I just love this face. I think I enjoyed feeding him the cereal but I don't think he was too crazy about it.

Oh well...I guess we will just keep trying.

Even though Cain wasn't a fan of rice cereal (and I'm sure most kids aren't) it was a pretty exciting day for me. It was amazing to think back to the fact that just a few months ago Cain was getting his food through a feeding tube, then tiny bottles and now a few months later we are feeding him cereal. We have been so blessed!

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The Watsons said...

yay for rice cereal! ford didn't like it much either, and that really didn't change!