Saturday, July 25, 2009

A year ago this weekend....

This exact weekend last year we traveled home to Louisiana to tell our parents I was pregnant. It was the same weekend as our wedding anniversary and we thought it would be a prefect time to break the news to everyone. I remember my mom thinking it was odd that we were coming home to celebrate our anniversary with them but little did she know we had big news to share!!

My mom's birthday is at the beginning of August so before we came home to Louisiana I told her we should go out to dinner to celebrate our wedding anniversary and her birthday. Before we went out to dinner I gave my mom the best birthday gift we will probably ever be able to give her.

I wrapped this ultrasound picture and gave it to her as one of her birthday gifts.
My mom starting to unwrap the best birthday gift she would ever receive!!!
Mom starting to tear up as she realizes what she is looking at!!
Mom super excited and I think she was asking us..."is this what I think it is?"
Then she took the picture over to my dad to show him before we answered her so he could be surprised too. I think it took my dad a second to realize what he was looking at.

The next day we went to my Granddad's lake house to break the news to everyone else. I remember it just like it was yesterday! Brad's mom met us there along with my Granddad, my Aunt Jane, Brad's stepsister Jennifer and her kids, and several of our friends that live nearby.

Looking out at Granddad's pier. Oh how I wish I could be there now. I can't wait to take Cain there one day.

We decided to use Sadie to break the news to Brad's mom. When Brad's mom arrived at the house we had Sadie greet her in this shirt....

It was pretty funny because I think it took her a while to figure it out but once she did she was ecstatic!!

My Granddad's birthday is also in August so we gave him a Great-Grandfather birthday card and signed it from his "great grandson to be".

Granddad and my Aunt Jane learning of our surprise.

Something that I still think is really special is my Granddad later told me that he already somehow knew I was pregnant and that was the reason we were coming home that weekend.

It was certainly a weekend I will never forget.

It's crazy to think this was Cain a year ago....

And this is Cain now....

It's truly a miracle!


Tiffany Lockette said...

Oh my goodness, what a special time and what a super special little boy. He is such a cutie pie.

Kristy Statham said...

That weekend at the lake was so much fun with everyone! It seems crazy how much difference a year makes - just think, in a few years we will be pulling Parker and Cain on a wakeboard behind the boat - I can't wait!