Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling!

Look what Cain did for the 1st time today!!!!

He rolled over!!!!

It was so exciting! The therapist had given me ways to work with Cain each day on practicing to roll over. We practiced alot today and throughout the day Cain kept getting so close to rolling over. When Brad came home from work I had Cain show him how well he was doing and low and behold he rolled over for us. We couldn't believe it!!! I was cheering and clapping and Brad even asked me if I was about to cry. Of course I said "no" but I think I could have cried tears of joy!


The Hitchcock Family said...

Yeah!!!! Go Cain Go!! I am so proud! I even cried a little happy tears for you...I know, I'm crazy! Thank you for posting this. It made my day! Brody is asking to watch it again right now!

zander said...

Yay!!! Watch out -- your little man is mobile! There is no stopping him now. Before you know it, he will be in your cabinets pulling all your stuff out on a daily basis :) Too fun! Cain is such a cutie pie. I sure am sad we had to cancel our trip up there to see you guys. We still plan to come up there before the baby arrives but have not made plans yet. Keep on rolling Cain!!!

Sarah Moore said...

What a BIG BOY he is!!! I know you must be so proud. I got Isabella's first roll over on video and I remember it like it happened yesterday. It goes so fast. Enjoy every minute!! I just want to pinch him, he is so cute!!