Wednesday, July 1, 2009


"On my way to pick my Daddy up from the airport"
"I can't I want to chew on my hand or my paci. Oh the decisions in life."
"The lights are just too bright mom. Please turn them off so I can nap."
"Playing with my Incredible Hulk my Daddy bought me." It sings & dances to the "Hulky" Polky. Very cute.
" you always have to take my picture. Don't you have enough?"
"Hey..I like riding in my stroller like a big boy."
"Meet my friends, Paxton & Kellen. They live across the street from me and I enjoy going on walks with them every day."

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Scott McKenzie said...

Great to see Cain doing well. That's a tough little guy you've got there! Hope you guys are doing well. Happy 4th of July!