Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our heart buddy Colby

One of Cain’s heart buddies, Colby, will be having his Pre-Glenn Heart cath performed tomorrow. His parents were told that the heart cath should take place around 10:30 tomorrow. Please keep Colby and his parents in your prayers.

The heart cath he will have performed is done to make sure there are no surprises for the surgeon during his next surgery. This is the same heart cath Cain had performed before his Glenn Operation. As far as we know, Colby is scheduled to have his next operation performed in the next few months.

I’m so excited because we received a birthday invitation in the mail today for Colby’s first birthday. He will turn one soon and we are excited to be able to celebrate this very special day with Colby and his family.

Colby's mom, Becca, is the very first 'heart mom' I talked to after finding out about Cain's heart defects. She had a blog (http://hitchcocknews.blogspot.com/) that I found online when I was doing research about Hypoplastic Right Heart. I started reading her blog and was speechless when I realized she lived here in Nashville and Colby went to the same cardiologist that had perfomed our fetal echo. I sent her an email and we instantly became friends. She has been great support for me over the past several months. Actually, I don't know what I would do without her. I think we will continue to be support for one another for several years to come!

This is precious Colby. This picture was taken today during his pre-cath appointment. Isn't he so cute!


Jacylann Nix said...

I will keep him & his family in my prayers! & I am glad yall have each other to lean on! :) what an amazing bond you two will share for the rest of your lives!

The Banks Family said...

Will definitely add this cutie to my prayer list. I can only imagine how much support you and the other heart moms can give each other...sometimes you just need someone who can completely relate. So glad we have internet so you have been able to connect with them!