Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Follow-up for Blood Clot

Today Cain had a follow-up appointment with the Hemostasis-Thrombosis Clinic. He has to go to this clinic because of his blood clot. The appointment started with Cain having his blood drawn. He really let us know that he was not happy about having this done. This was the third time this girl has drawn his blood and today she said that either Cain was getting stronger or she was getting weaker. She told Cain he needed to stop going to the gym. I tried pulling out all my tricks to make him stay still and stop crying but nothing seemed to work. I even tried singing to him and I'm not one to sing in front of people. Or at least I don't need to! On second thought...maybe Cain was crying because of my singing.

As you can see...he was much happier at home showing off his Bugs Bunny band-aid. And by the way...isn't he getting so big?
It was a long afternoon. The appointment started at 1:30 and we were still at the office at 4:00. Thank goodness I've learned to always have a bottle with me. After Cain had his blood drawn we met with a pharmacist regarding the medicine for his blood clot. We also had to meet with a social worker and then finally the Dr. We will continue to have follow-up appointments with this clinic until Cain's clot has finally dissipated. I'm praying it goes away soon!
Before we left Vanderbilt we decided to make a pit stop to visit with Cain's babysitter Megan. She was working at the hospital today and I wanted her to see Cain in the shirt she bought for him while she was on vacation. How sweet was that!?

Cain sporting his shirt Megan bought for him. Thank you so much Megan!

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The Banks Family said...

Yes, he looks so so big! Was the clot getting smaller could the tell? And I'm thinking he's gonna have a crush on the babysitter! She's super cute!