Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Finally out to a restaurant!

Last Friday we finally took Cain out to a restaurant for the first time! I know this may not seem like a big deal to some people but it was so exciting for me. My parents were in town for the weekend so we all went to Sportsman's Grill which is a restaurant near our house. I felt like a brand new mom all over again (I guess I'm still pretty new at all this 'mom' stuff). I felt nervous though about taking Cain to a restaurant. I haven't had to figure out where to put a car seat at the table or what to do if he has a dirty diaper and I have no where to change it. And let me tell you he DID have a dirty diaper, actually a huge blowout, and the bathroom certainly wasn't designed for mom's with kids. I ended up changing his diaper in the car and throwing it away in the dumpster behind the restaurant. So many things I never thought about before having a kid. :) I can tell there are many things I still need advice on from other momma's!
"Look at me...I'm finally at a restaurant. This is pretty neat. Can I pick something from the menu so I don't have to eat my fingers?"
Right before the big blowout!
He fell right to sleep once his diaper was changed and he was all cleaned up.
The Clinkscales clan at dinner. I really need to work on getting Brad to smile in his pictures. I'm sure he is getting pretty tired of me making him take daily pictures though.


The Hebert family said...

I'm so happy for ya'll getting to get out in the real world. It is just the beginning of many new adventures for you and Cain. Love ya!


Congrats its looks like yall had a great time!!!!

Stephanie Campbell said...

You'll get pretty crafty finding locations to change diapers!!! Everyday as a parent is a new adventure!

Shauna said...

Congrats on the big night out! I have gone to the car for many diaper changes. My mom tip: always keep a few plastic bags in the car for those situations when you don't have a trash can close by!

The Banks Family said...

So glad you guys got to venture out with Cain! There will be lots and lots of situations arise where you'll wonder what in the world you're supposed to do! I can remember being at the mall the first time when Tag got hungry and thinking, where am I supposed to go to feed him! So I went to the car because I'm not a public nurser! ha! Cain just gets cuter and cuter and I'm so happy for you!

Katherine said...

I am proud that in the grand tradition of living on old harding that his first meal out was at sportsmans. And you are right, those bathrooms are not made for changing babies!