Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cain's first play date

Earlier this week Cain had his first 'play date' with the twins across the street. Me & Courtney (the boys mom) take the boys on daily hour long walks but this was the first time to get them together to play. It was so much fun to watch Cain with them. I think Cain enjoyed his playtime. I know I certainly enjoyed getting out of the house. I'm excited about doing this more often.

Cain, Paxton, & Kellen just hanging out in their Bumbo chairs.

I wonder what they were thinking as they sat and stared at each other.

Courtney brought out the boys Bert puppet. Not sure Cain knew what to think of it.
Courtney had Cain cracking up. This picture actually makes me laugh because I think Cain looks like me talking away. Wonder if he is going to take after his momma.
Paxton showing off his skills. I bet he will be crawling any day now.
I decided if I couldn't get Cain to take a nap I would just bring him to play with the twins. As you can see he had a blast and was worn out from his first 'play date'.

P.S. I talked to Colby's mom and happy to report that they are back home. His heart cath turned out well and they are now waiting on scheduling to set a date for his next surgery.


The Watsons said...

how much fun!! I am so excited that ya'll finally got to have a playdate! it has been to long! We need to get our boys together soon!

Kara said...

The very first picture of Cain with the heart bracelet is so precious. It brought tears to my eyes. He is beautiful.
Kara Adams

Stephanie Campbell said...

These pictures are so cute!!! They all look like such sweet angels!! Glad to see you are getting back to a more normal routine.