Friday, July 17, 2009

4 month shots

It was finally time for Cain to get his 4 month shots on Friday. He was scheduled to get the 4 month immunizations around the time of his last surgery but we had to hold off on them since he was going to be put on the heart-lung bypass machine. He will now go back for his 6 month shots in 6 weeks.

Hanging out with Daddy after getting weighed.

Cain weighed 15lbs 13oz today and was in the 29th percentile for his weight. He is also now 26 inches long and in the 46th percentile for his height.

Since Friday was exactly six weeks from his last surgery we can FINALLY pick Cain up under his arms!!! We haven't been able to do this because we needed to give his chest time to heal. You don't realized how much you want to pick a baby up under his arms until you can't do it. It will be so much easier to get him in and out of his carseat & Bumbo now.

Cain having to take his rotavirus vaccine which is an oral vaccine.

And then for the not fun part....the shots.

I guess no matter how many shots you have to get it never gets easier. Poor little guy!

At least he calmed down quickly!


Tiffany Lockette said...

I hate those dreaded shots...poor baby. We go in August for Zoe's 12 month shots. Cain is too cute by the way. I am glad he is doing so good.

The Hitchcock Family said...

He looks so great! His weight and height are awesome...I'm so happy he is on the growth chart. He is a trooper for sure! Glad the shots went as well as could be expected. Shots are never fun or easy for baby or parents!!