Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling!

Look what Cain did for the 1st time today!!!!

He rolled over!!!!

It was so exciting! The therapist had given me ways to work with Cain each day on practicing to roll over. We practiced alot today and throughout the day Cain kept getting so close to rolling over. When Brad came home from work I had Cain show him how well he was doing and low and behold he rolled over for us. We couldn't believe it!!! I was cheering and clapping and Brad even asked me if I was about to cry. Of course I said "no" but I think I could have cried tears of joy!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

6 Months

Cain is 6 months old today! I said…6 months old! Can you believe it’s been 6 months already? I can’t.

What is Cain doing at 6 months?
-The last time Cain was weighed he was 15lbs. 13oz.
-The biggest & most exciting change during the last month is that Cain is FINALLY sleeping through the night. He has actually turned into a great sleeper. He goes to sleep in his crib at 8pm and usually wakes up around 7am. No more getting up during the night. It’s wonderful!
-Smiling a lot now. I just love his little toothless grin.
-Cain is finally letting us put him on his stomach and seems to be enjoying it. He is also working very hard to push up and roll over. (A therapist has worked with him twice now. We were told some of these milestones may take a little longer for Cain due to his hospital stay. The therapist says he is doing great though. I just hate to see little things like rolling over tire him out so easily.)
-Still taking 6 ounces of breastmilk or formula every 4 hours
-Recently started rice cereal and just tonight I mixed a jar of bananas into his cereal
-He enjoys making really loud squealing noises. And I mean really loud.
-Found his feet the other day and enjoys playing with them
-Loves to kick his feet and ‘go to town’ in his bouncy seat.

Monday, July 27, 2009

7 Years Ago

On July 27th, 2002 a boy named Brad Clinkscales and a girl named Catherine Jones married each other.

Oh wait...WE were that boy and girl!

I have to say it's been the best 7 years of my life. Even during all we've been through this year with Cain.

We celebrated our anniversary Saturday night by going to dinner at Fleming's steakhouse.

And then we went and listened to a friend's band that was playing that night. It was a great night out.

The Levee's. You should look them up if you haven't heard their music. They are great!

7 years of wedded bliss!

And where was Cain?....At home with the babysitter. nights!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A year ago this weekend....

This exact weekend last year we traveled home to Louisiana to tell our parents I was pregnant. It was the same weekend as our wedding anniversary and we thought it would be a prefect time to break the news to everyone. I remember my mom thinking it was odd that we were coming home to celebrate our anniversary with them but little did she know we had big news to share!!

My mom's birthday is at the beginning of August so before we came home to Louisiana I told her we should go out to dinner to celebrate our wedding anniversary and her birthday. Before we went out to dinner I gave my mom the best birthday gift we will probably ever be able to give her.

I wrapped this ultrasound picture and gave it to her as one of her birthday gifts.
My mom starting to unwrap the best birthday gift she would ever receive!!!
Mom starting to tear up as she realizes what she is looking at!!
Mom super excited and I think she was asking us..."is this what I think it is?"
Then she took the picture over to my dad to show him before we answered her so he could be surprised too. I think it took my dad a second to realize what he was looking at.

The next day we went to my Granddad's lake house to break the news to everyone else. I remember it just like it was yesterday! Brad's mom met us there along with my Granddad, my Aunt Jane, Brad's stepsister Jennifer and her kids, and several of our friends that live nearby.

Looking out at Granddad's pier. Oh how I wish I could be there now. I can't wait to take Cain there one day.

We decided to use Sadie to break the news to Brad's mom. When Brad's mom arrived at the house we had Sadie greet her in this shirt....

It was pretty funny because I think it took her a while to figure it out but once she did she was ecstatic!!

My Granddad's birthday is also in August so we gave him a Great-Grandfather birthday card and signed it from his "great grandson to be".

Granddad and my Aunt Jane learning of our surprise.

Something that I still think is really special is my Granddad later told me that he already somehow knew I was pregnant and that was the reason we were coming home that weekend.

It was certainly a weekend I will never forget.

It's crazy to think this was Cain a year ago....

And this is Cain now....

It's truly a miracle!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

YUM...YUM...or maybe not...

Since Cain is almost 6 months old and his Dr. gave us the go ahead....we decided last Saturday was finally the day to start Cain on.......

That's right...rice cereal. YUM...YUM...

His pediatrician told us he would probably end up spitting it all back at us rather than eating it. Thankfully he didn't spit it on us but I feel safe to say he isn't a huge fan of rice cereal.

Getting ready for the big first bite! I think I'm more excited than Cain.

Of course I had to dress him in his fancy tuxedo bib for the big occasion. He actually wore the same bib the first time he ate from a bottle.

"I'm not so sure of this mom."

Breaking to take medicine.

Speaking of medicine...we are no longer using the Insuflon port to give Cain his Lovenox injection. It kept bruising around the site so we are now giving him twice daily injections without the port. It kills me to have to give him a shot each morning and night. Cain actually does great though and rarely cries when I give him his shot so that makes me feel much better.

Ha! I just love this face. I think I enjoyed feeding him the cereal but I don't think he was too crazy about it.

Oh well...I guess we will just keep trying.

Even though Cain wasn't a fan of rice cereal (and I'm sure most kids aren't) it was a pretty exciting day for me. It was amazing to think back to the fact that just a few months ago Cain was getting his food through a feeding tube, then tiny bottles and now a few months later we are feeding him cereal. We have been so blessed!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Finally out to a restaurant!

Last Friday we finally took Cain out to a restaurant for the first time! I know this may not seem like a big deal to some people but it was so exciting for me. My parents were in town for the weekend so we all went to Sportsman's Grill which is a restaurant near our house. I felt like a brand new mom all over again (I guess I'm still pretty new at all this 'mom' stuff). I felt nervous though about taking Cain to a restaurant. I haven't had to figure out where to put a car seat at the table or what to do if he has a dirty diaper and I have no where to change it. And let me tell you he DID have a dirty diaper, actually a huge blowout, and the bathroom certainly wasn't designed for mom's with kids. I ended up changing his diaper in the car and throwing it away in the dumpster behind the restaurant. So many things I never thought about before having a kid. :) I can tell there are many things I still need advice on from other momma's!
"Look at me...I'm finally at a restaurant. This is pretty neat. Can I pick something from the menu so I don't have to eat my fingers?"
Right before the big blowout!
He fell right to sleep once his diaper was changed and he was all cleaned up.
The Clinkscales clan at dinner. I really need to work on getting Brad to smile in his pictures. I'm sure he is getting pretty tired of me making him take daily pictures though.

Friday, July 17, 2009

4 month shots

It was finally time for Cain to get his 4 month shots on Friday. He was scheduled to get the 4 month immunizations around the time of his last surgery but we had to hold off on them since he was going to be put on the heart-lung bypass machine. He will now go back for his 6 month shots in 6 weeks.

Hanging out with Daddy after getting weighed.

Cain weighed 15lbs 13oz today and was in the 29th percentile for his weight. He is also now 26 inches long and in the 46th percentile for his height.

Since Friday was exactly six weeks from his last surgery we can FINALLY pick Cain up under his arms!!! We haven't been able to do this because we needed to give his chest time to heal. You don't realized how much you want to pick a baby up under his arms until you can't do it. It will be so much easier to get him in and out of his carseat & Bumbo now.

Cain having to take his rotavirus vaccine which is an oral vaccine.

And then for the not fun part....the shots.

I guess no matter how many shots you have to get it never gets easier. Poor little guy!

At least he calmed down quickly!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cain's first play date

Earlier this week Cain had his first 'play date' with the twins across the street. Me & Courtney (the boys mom) take the boys on daily hour long walks but this was the first time to get them together to play. It was so much fun to watch Cain with them. I think Cain enjoyed his playtime. I know I certainly enjoyed getting out of the house. I'm excited about doing this more often.

Cain, Paxton, & Kellen just hanging out in their Bumbo chairs.

I wonder what they were thinking as they sat and stared at each other.

Courtney brought out the boys Bert puppet. Not sure Cain knew what to think of it.
Courtney had Cain cracking up. This picture actually makes me laugh because I think Cain looks like me talking away. Wonder if he is going to take after his momma.
Paxton showing off his skills. I bet he will be crawling any day now.
I decided if I couldn't get Cain to take a nap I would just bring him to play with the twins. As you can see he had a blast and was worn out from his first 'play date'.

P.S. I talked to Colby's mom and happy to report that they are back home. His heart cath turned out well and they are now waiting on scheduling to set a date for his next surgery.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our heart buddy Colby

One of Cain’s heart buddies, Colby, will be having his Pre-Glenn Heart cath performed tomorrow. His parents were told that the heart cath should take place around 10:30 tomorrow. Please keep Colby and his parents in your prayers.

The heart cath he will have performed is done to make sure there are no surprises for the surgeon during his next surgery. This is the same heart cath Cain had performed before his Glenn Operation. As far as we know, Colby is scheduled to have his next operation performed in the next few months.

I’m so excited because we received a birthday invitation in the mail today for Colby’s first birthday. He will turn one soon and we are excited to be able to celebrate this very special day with Colby and his family.

Colby's mom, Becca, is the very first 'heart mom' I talked to after finding out about Cain's heart defects. She had a blog ( that I found online when I was doing research about Hypoplastic Right Heart. I started reading her blog and was speechless when I realized she lived here in Nashville and Colby went to the same cardiologist that had perfomed our fetal echo. I sent her an email and we instantly became friends. She has been great support for me over the past several months. Actually, I don't know what I would do without her. I think we will continue to be support for one another for several years to come!

This is precious Colby. This picture was taken today during his pre-cath appointment. Isn't he so cute!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Meds, Meds, & More Meds

Cain's morning and evening consists of taking quite a few meds. Thank goodness these medications are available though. Right now he does great at taking his meds. He's been taking them since he was born so I guess he really doesn't know a difference. I know as he get's older he will probably be giving me a hard time with these medicines.

I thought I would share the med's Cain takes each day.

Each day he takes the following:
1) Lasix (furosemide)
2) Vasotec (enalapril)
3) Pepcid
4) Lovenox
5) Flovent

I'm sure his med's will change alot during his life. I'm just happy that he doesn't have to take anymore than he does already.

One of the med's Cain needs is an injection. We would have to stick Cain twice a day but thankfully there is something called an Insuflon that we are able to use. The insuflon is an infusion cannula that allows multiple subcutaneous (under the skin) injections through the same injection port. This allows us to give Cain the Lovenox medication through the Insuflon port rather than having to give him a shot twice a day. Thank goodness because I would hate to have to stick him twice a day. I have changed out the Insuflon port a time or two but I usually have Brad be the 'bad guy'.

Cain's Insuflon Port that we have change out weekly.

Yes Grandparents...I do realize I'm in trouble for not posting a picture of Cain with this blog. :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

A day I've been waiting on for a long time!

Today was a day I've been waiting on for a very long time. Five months, one week, and four days to be exact. I’ve been so ready to take Cain to meet my Dispensary of Hope coworkers. Most of my coworkers have already met Cain but some had not. So this afternoon we ventured out and took a trip to my office.

Kathy holding Cain for the first time!

Scott meeting Cain.

My coworkers are very important to me. They were some of the first people to learn of Cain's hearts defects. And they were there with me every day of my pregnancy. They have laughed with me...cried with me...and have been great friends! They have been anxiously waiting on me to bring Cain to the office.

Vicki putting Cain to work.

We couldn't leave the office without putting Vicki's sunglasses on Cain. Pretty funny!

I haven't mentioned my work during the past several months and I know many of you may wonder if I was going back to work and if so when. I had taken Family Medical Leave to stay home with Cain through his first two surgeries. As I've mentioned before, I work for a great non-profit and with great people. I hated to not go back to work but at the same time because of Cain's heart defects we aren't ready to put him into daycare this year and risk him getting sick all the time.

In the end, I've been given a GREAT opportunity and I will be going back to work with the Dispensary of Hope ( as a contract employee. This way I will be able to stay home with Cain and work part-time from home.

I have been working very hard now that Cain is home from the hospital to get him on a good napping schedule. It's starting to get better with each day. I hope he continues to cooperate so I can get alot of work done during his naps.

I feel so blessed to be given this opportunity so I certainly want to make the most out of it!!