Saturday, June 6, 2009

More Pain Meds Please!

Cain's seemed to have a good night. It was much better than the night of his first surgery. That night was really hard on us. We are thankful last night was not that stressful. Cain seemed agitated at times but settled down with "happy juice". This morning they have been working to wean him off the breathing tube. This requires decreasing his pain meds so he can breathe on his own. You can tell Cain does not like this and I really hate to see him uncomfortable and trying to cry but not be able to make any sounds (due to the ventilator). He has already kicked out an IV during the night and likes to try to get his hands up to the breathing tube. I think he would pull it out himself if he could. The nurses are working very hard to keep him as comfortable as they can. His blood count was a little low this morning so he is currently receiving more blood. His x-rays showed a slight fluid build up so he received another breathing treatment. They are hoping to have Cain off the breathing tube by 2:00 this afternoon. Our family (my Granddad, Aunts, Uncle, and Ms. Betty) all came by to see Cain this morning and are currently traveling back home.

I really hope they can keep Cain comfortable. He keeps shaking his head back and forth. Poor little guy! They are about to try another pain medication on him. I guess it's good that he is a fighter but there are times he needs to settle down and relax. I don't want him to wear himself out. He needs to save that fighting for when the breathing tube comes out and he starts breathing on his own again.
Looks like someone vandalized Cain's tiger last night while we were sleeping. Possibly his nurse who happened to be a Vols fan?

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Misti said...

Ha! Love that sense of humor!