Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm moving to Knoxville!

Okay so that's a lie! I'm not moving to Knoxville. You think Brad would move to Knoxville with UT being there? I don't think so!
We found out last week that Cain's cardiologist was moving to Knoxville. I told him it was okay because I would move there too. I can't imagine not having Dr. Liske as Cain's cardiologist. He has been great! Whoever Cain ends up with next has very big shoes to fill. We are so sad to see Dr. Liske leave.
The same day Dr. Liske told us of his move, we also had more of Cain's pre-op tests performed. We had been told this Thursday's pre-op appointment could take 5-6 hours to complete. Thankfully we have already been able to take care of a lot of the tests that make the pre-op appointment take so long. Last Thursday Cain had more chest x-rays and another EKG. As you can see he slept straight through his EKG.
It was pretty funny...Jessica put each lead on Cain very carefully hoping not to wake him. She successfully made it through the whole process. Now why can't Cain sleep this hard at home?
"Ah...that was a good nap! I'm a happy boy now!"

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My prayers go to you and your family.