Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 7 Update

Today was a very boring day! I can not tell you how FABULOUS boring days are around here. Boring is great during hospital stays. That means we had no unexpected events occur. The best news of the day is Cain made it to the 'bed board'. Meaning he is on the list to move up to the 6th floor cardiac unit as soon as a bed comes available. That may happen as soon as tonight or as late as some time next week. Regardless of when it is great that Cain is making progress.

The only thing new today besides making it to the 'bed board' was Cain was put back on one of the breathing treatments that had been discontinued. His lungs continue to improve but the xrays showed the atelectasis in his left lung is not fully resolved and you can clearly hear the "junk" in his lungs when he breathes and coughs. Hopefully these treatments will resolve his lung issues soon, as he hates these treatments and we do too.

I actually didn't have a picture from today (I know...hard to believe right) so instead I thought I would share some of the videos we took today. Hope you enjoy!


Rachaellh said...

So glad to hear that Cain is doing so well. Will keep you guys in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

We went through breathing treatments with Blair as well. He got RSV at 4 months and he was on daily treatments for almost a solid year. I feel your pain!


Angie, Adam, and Blair

Two Little Bugs and a Bichon said...

Okay, that just made me cry!!!

Tina said...

I love the video! How did you put the text with it? You will have to show how. That is wonderful news that he is ready to move to the 6th floor. Please let me know when he does. I want to come by for a visit.

Kristy Statham said...

He seems to be doing amazing! I love his smile...he smiles so big his lips disappear - it is the cutest thing ever.

Katie said...

Cain looks great! What a sweetie. So glad he's having boring days, you're absolutely right...BORING IS GOOD! Here's to many more!
Katie (Maddie's mom)

The Hebert Family said...

He looks GREAT! What you were doing in the first video is what he and I called "telling each other secrets." It made me want to be there telling them to him. I wish I could hold him right now. Give him a kiss for me.

clairedf said...

Catherine, that video was precious!! It's so good to see him active and laughing and watching the mobile spin. He seems very alert and busy, so that's great! We'll be out of town this weekend, but I'll be checking your blog when I can.
Best to you and Brad,
Claire Frederick