Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 6 Update

Today has been a very good day. We've learned one thing for sure from all of Cain's hospital is all very unpredictable. One minute you are learning Cain's left lung is partially collapsed and then next you learn that lung is better but the other has now partially collapsed. It always seems like it's something new. But even with all the minor "bumps" in the road he is still continuing to make progress. The goal of today had been to wean Cain off of Vapotherm. This was able to be done and now he is receiving only a little oxygen through a nasal cannula. He still continues to receive breathing treatments and he still has mucus suctioned from his airways as needed. One of these sessions irritated his throat so he did not eat much during the day; however, his appetite was restored and he finished his bottle before he went to bed tonight. His demeanor has increased exponentially and he has played and smiled a lot today. If he continues to improve, his lungs clear up some, and does not have any additional set backs, there is a good possibility we will be moved out of the PICCU to the 6th floor Cardiac unit tomorrow.

Cain getting a breathing treatment. He usually hates the process, but did not seem to mind this one (must have been the dragon face mask).


Tina said...

I am so glad to hear that he had a good day. He looks so cute in this pic.

Margaret said...

Yay! Come on up to 6C!!!