Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 5 Update

Overall I feel like today was a good day and progress was made. Most importantly, we were finally able to hold Cain again. What a wonderful feeling to get him back in our arms. We have been right by his side at all times since Friday but nothing compares to holding him.

We walked out for lunch and when we returned his chest tubes had been removed. This is a great big step. Those chest tubes just aren't comfortable. He seems to act more and more like himself and he is not having to stay as sedated. We are still working to wean him off oxygen and one by one wires are starting to be removed. Now all that remains are his pacer wires, vapotherm (oxygen) and a central line.

Cain had some "splotchyness" on and off today. They aren't sure what was causing this. It is something they will keep an eye on.

Other exciting news is...we were finally able to feed Cain from a bottle today.
I feel that we will remain on this floor for a few more days before moving on to the next floor but overall we seem to be making progress.

We are talking about going home to spend a night in our own bed. We hate to leave Cain but these "beds" are not comfortable at all and we could probably use some rest in our own bed.
This is what we usually sleep on. I sleep on this pull out chair in Cain's room and Brad sleeps on one in the patient family waiting room.
We were really lucky and a family sleep room was available to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday night. We aren't supposed to be able to sleep in one of these since we live so close but since they had a few available they offered one to us. It's funny to say that sharing a twin bed with Brad is what I call lucky. Anything is better than sleeping on a pull out chair.


3 "A's" and a "B" said...

glad to hear he is getting better each day. I can only imagine how wonderful to hold him again must have felt!!!. hang in there! We are praying for ya'll and thinking about you often.

Shauna said...

I hope yall get a great nights sleep, you deserve it! Cain looks great!