Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 4 Update

Well day 4 has been pretty uneventful, which was nice considering the ups and downs of the previous few days. Cain's pressures and O2 saturations are stable, he had a couple of lines and his catheter removed. He had an NG tube (feeding tube) placed and is receiving a continuous dose of 15 mls per hour of breast milk and he has tolerated it well. He had an ECHO today due to some concerns of his heart being enlarged on his chest x-rays. This turned out to be nothing but some minor clotting which should subside on its own without causing any significant issues. Cain's pain medication has been providing effective coverage and he is resting well. The atelectasis in his left lung is gradually improving. He is expected to have his chest tubes removed tomorrow, which will make it much less painful when Cain inhales, and this should help improve the issues with his left lung.

The ECHO did show that the left pulmonary artery is still a little smaller than they would like even after the recent surgical repair; however, it is not causing any significant problems with his recovery. They will continue to follow this issue closely and it is possible that they may use a balloon to stretch the artery in the future if needed.

Overall, Cain didn't make strides today, but we didn't have any setbacks either. I would classify today's progress as neutral, but we remain confident that we are heading in the positive direction. Cain's a trooper and we don't feel these minor setbacks will affect his recovery to any great extent.

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julie moss said...

Hi Cain-- I hope you are feeling better today. How blessed you are to have such wonderful parents. Can't wait to see pictures of you in the pool again with a 'speedo' on. (giggles)