Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 2 Evening Update

Well has been another long day. For the most part, Cain has been doing well. It was great to see him get his breathing tube removed and he has been breathing fine after being removed from the ventilator; however, he has had a rough afternoon and developed new issues to contend with.

He has been running a slight temperature off and on all day. He was clearly uncomfortable and restless for the entire afternoon/early evening, so he has been unable to rest very well. His blood pressure has been elevated all day long, and they have found it difficult to keep it under control. Later this evening, he has developed stridor, a type of throat constriction, and he is receiving additional breathing treatments for this. Unfortunately, these treatments elevate his BP for short periods of time which counteract the efforts they have been putting into lowering his pressures. He needed another blood transfusion to keep his O2 sats from trending downward. It seems to be a constant up and down battle to keep Cain heading in the right direction, but we feel confident that he is recovering well and that the staff at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital has done an excellent job at addressing each issue as needed.

We will keep you posted on the progress of his recovery.


clairedf said...

Edie developed something like Stridor after being intubated for a cardiac MRI in Sept, 2007. She sounded hoarse (raspy) afterwards and her throat was raw. Eventually she needed antibiotics because an infection developed at the site where the breathing tube had scratched her throat coming out. I know it feels like a set-back, but I'm sure it's not uncommon with cardiac babies. Keep your chin up! He will get through this... Such a sweet baby, that Cain.

Misti said...

You are so much stronger than any parent ever wants to be! All for HIS glory! You are my hero!

Gavin's Mama said...

Glad the breathing tube is out... praying for a fast and healthy recovery!

julie moss said...

Catherine and Brad, I'm thinking of you and baby Cain (the cutest li'l dude) and you are all in my prayers. Cain -- you are such a honey and I hope one day to see you.
Love and prayers to you all.