Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 11 Update

Waiting, waiting, and more waiting. That pretty much sums up our day. Throughout the night and this morning Cain's dirty diapers still tested positive for blood. Thankfully, the remainder of his dirty diapers today tested negative. He had another KUB x-ray today which had negative results. They will keep watching and testing his dirty diapers but for now the Dr.'s don't seem as concerned about the GI bleeding. Cain will start taking Lovenox injections again tomorrow. Hopefully, we will learn that this medication is not causing his bleeding. It would be great for him to be able to tolerate the Lovenox so it can be restarted and go to work on breaking up his blood clot.

Cain will also have his RA line (central IV line that leads to the right atrium) and pacer wires pulled tomorrow around lunch. This procedure has to occur at a time when Cain's surgeon is available due to there being a risk of bleeding when this line is pulled. They will then have to observe him for 4-5 hours after pulling the line.

If all goes well after these lines are pulled, Cain's stools continue to be negative for blood, and his lungs continue to improve and remain clear, it is possible that he may be discharged tomorrow evening or early Wednesday morning.

Cain having an Echo performed this morning. He always watches very intently as he gets an Echo. He must enjoy watching his heart on the computer screen.

"What's this wire?"

"Come here foot!" Do you think this could be why his O2 sat's weren't reading correctly?

Cain was taking a nap this afternoon and when I looked over to check on him this is what I saw...

I guess he wanted to snuggle.


Chrissy said...

Sweet sweet baby! I'm amazed how well he lays there in the bed...he must have such a pleasant temperament! Praying all will stay clear for you to bring him home again!

ashleycottrell said...

Praying that all goes well today and you will be homebound very soon!!!