Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 10 Update

We have good news for the day!

We finally moved from the 5th floor up to the...

6th floor! One step closer to going home.

Cain seemed to enjoy the ride up to the 6th floor.

On the ride up he just stared in amazement of the duck on the ceiling of the elevator.

I have to be honest with you and say that I am very concerned about both the GI bleeding Cain has and the blood clot he has. Earlier today I felt better about the GI bleeding because we thought the bleeding had stopped. Then this afternoon when I changed Cain's diaper he had blood again.

I've had several people ask where Cain's blood clot is located. The blood clot is located in the left innominate vein which is a large vein that is connected to the superior vena cava (SVC). The SVC is what is now providing return blood flow to the lungs after Cain's Glenn operation. If you are anything like probably have no clue where the left innominate vein is located so I decided to include a picture. Of course Cain's heart looks nothing like this picture since this is a picture of a normal heart and does not identify Cain's re-plumbing.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the plan had been to give Cain Lovenox to help break up the clot. However, we are starting to wonder if the Lovenox is what is causing Cain's GI bleeding. If so, I assume we will have to find another medication for the blood clot.

Thank goodness for all the specialists who have the knowledge to figure all of this out!


clairedf said...

YEA, CATHERINE, BRAD, and CAIN!!!!! So glad you're on 6th. I know you're concerned about the bleeding; we will begin praying intently about this particular issue and see if an answer can be found. Stay positive; you're in the home stretch... And Catherine, for Pete's sakes, get yourself a good night's sleep even if you have to go home again to do it. You must not feel guilty about needing to take care of your own health too. We know you're bound to be exhausted. LOVE and BLESSINGS, Claire & Kyle

J.Hampton said...

Brad & Catherine,

We are Kellen and Paxton's grandaddy and yet to be named grandmother? We follow your blog everyday. Cain is such a beautiful little boy. We are so pleased that he is doing so well. We have much experience with Vanderbilt Hospital, all of which was good. Aunt Shannon has had multiple surgeries at Vanderbilt and we are so pleased with the care she was given. You are in the right place.

As things progress, we are more than happy to babysit for Cain, Kellen, and Paxton so you can have some free time.

I can promise you that he will receive great care while with us, but I will tell you we will spoil him to death.

We wish you (and Cain) the very best. He is a beautiful little boy.