Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cardiology Post-Op Appointment

We had a very bittersweet cardiology post-op appointment yesterday. The appointment went great. Cain once again had an x-ray and another EKG. Dr. Liske seemed very pleased with how well Cain was doing. He said that Cain's heart was still a little enlarged but that was to be expected due to the trauma it's been through with recent surgery.

The reason the appointment was bittersweet was because this was our last appointment with Dr. Liske (Cain's cardiologist) before he moves to Knoxville. I actually started crying as I drove up to the office. We have been through so much with Dr. Liske and he has been a wonderful cardiologist. He will be greatly missed.
Cain & Dr. Liske. Cain was a little out of it. He just woke up from his nap.

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The Hitchcock Family said...

I'm glad Cain's appt went well. It is so sad that Dr. Liske is leaving us!! What are we going to do without him??