Monday, June 29, 2009

5 months

I have a 5 month old today. Wow!! Five months old and already had 2 major heart surgeries. It’s amazing how strong a 5 month old can be!

What is Cain doing at 5 months?
-Weighed 15lbs. 8oz. today
-Laughing & smiling at us more and more
-Starting to sleep through the night more often. But he still wakes up once during the night to feed more often than sleeping through the night.
-We are thinking he is starting to teeth
-Constantly wants to have his hands in his mouth
-Likes to take his pacifier out of his mouth and chew on it rather than sucking on it
-Still does not enjoy being on his tummy (We are trying to work on this more. It has been hard due to all the hospital time and his chest needing time to heal.)
-Holds on to some of his toys and can transfer some of them from one hand to the other
-His favorite song I sing seems to be “Patty Cake”
-We still can’t decide what eye color he has. We are thinking they will be hazel.
-As you can see by the pictures…he still barely has any hair. He certainly took after his momma. I think I was bald until I was three.


ashleycottrell said...

Happy 5 Month Birthday!!!!

The Hebert Family said...

What a handsome, happy boy! Hallelujah!

3 "A's" and a "B" said...

Happy 5 month birthday Cain. WE love you so much. Can't wait for my chunky monkey to play with you!!! I have to are giving her so competition in regards to the chunky factor!!!you are only 4 lbs behind her and she is 71/2 months old!!!