Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Picnic Lunch

The weather in Nashville has been PERFECT this week! Blue skies with no clouds in sight. I live for this kind of weather. I decided the only thing that could make the perfect weather more enjoyable would be to enjoy it with Brad. Brad happened to be working across the street from a park so I decided to pack a picnic lunch and take Cain to see his Daddy.

Cain looks like he is eating a chip with his Daddy. Don't worry he's not...he's just trying to chew on his fingers.

"Hey....going to the park is pretty relaxing."

"Hey Daddy! It makes me really happy to see you during the day. This is fun!"
"Mom...I see you all the time. You're not as fun."

Time to go back to work
Centennial Park


Angie said...

Great pictures. I still can't decide who Cain looks like. I'm jealous of your weather. It's supposed to rain down here for the next week. Was hoping to go to the beach one day over the Memorial Day weekend. Oh well. I heard your mom and dad are going up for a visit. Tell them I said hello.

Kristy Statham said...

There's nothing sweeter than watching our "macho men" turn to mush around their children. Last night I watched Michael on the monitor read a bedtime story to Parker complete with weird voices and animal noises - so funny!

The Watsons said...

what a fun lunch! i am so glad the rain left for a while and we got to see the sunshine! Cain is just precious. Can't wait to see him soon I hope!

Stephanie said...

Love the Crows T-shirt!!!