Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hanging in the Hammock

My favorite thing to do right now is watch Cain and Brad enjoying their time together. There is no better sight! I love watching Brad smile at Cain and Cain smile back. Sunday afternoon they spent time hanging out in our new hammock together and I was able to sneak in some pictures.

Brad didn't know I was taking the first 3 pictures. I was able to catch them in action!
"Mom...you're interrupting our boy time"

Perfect place for evening feeding.


Stephanie Campbell said...

How Sweet!!! Sadie looks like she wants to be on the hammock as well!!

The Hitchcock Family said...

too too cute! I love daddy/son time. It is so much fun to watch daddys play with their little boys!

Anonymous said...

awesome pictures. i will be praying for you guys on June 5th and running on the 6th! i am ready to see the t-shirts. should be fun.


Aaron said...

That yellow visor is really cute, Brad.