Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Smiles for Daddy

Brad had a GREAT greeting when he came home from work yesterday. I was sitting in Cain's room with Cain in my lap and when he saw his Daddy he smiled SO big. It was cute to see Cain recognize his Daddy and see how happy he was to see him. Of course Brad told Cain he now expects the same greeting everyday!

I wish I could have taken a picture of his HUGE grin. This was Cain still smiling at his Daddy by the time I could get a picture of it. Too cute!!

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Anita Jarrell said...

Hi Catherine-I am so happy to see your precious baby doing so well. He is adorable! You all have been in our prayers. I just heard from you mom today about this blog spot. I know you are looking forward to their visit. They are so excited to be coming to see you all. Enjoy your weekend with them. I'll be keeping in touch.
Love, Anita Jarrell