Friday, April 24, 2009

June 5, 2009

Big news…surgery is scheduled! We found out today that Cain’s next heart surgery (the Glenn operation) is scheduled for June 5th. That is only 6 weeks from today. I can’t believe we finally have a date set. Oh, the emotions I have right now. Mostly, I am scared to death. Yet at the same time, I know this gets us one step closer to Cain’s final surgery.

We were told that Cain would have a pre-op appointment the day before surgery. The appointment should last several hours and we are supposed to talk with his surgeon at that time.

They also mentioned that we can donate blood for Cain. Cain’s blood type is O+ so anyone with O+ or O- blood can donate blood on his behalf if interested. I will get more information regarding this at a later date. We were told they like the blood to be really fresh so anyone willing to donate would need to do so 4-7 days before his surgery date. I’m so happy to know this is a possibility this time.

I remember looking at the blood Cain was receiving during his last two blood transfusions and thinking….WOW…a complete stranger is helping save Cain’s life right now. I would love to be able to meet that person and give him or her a HUGE hug.

In a later post I will describe exactly what will be done during Cain’s next surgery and give more information regarding donating blood.


The Heberts said...

These are the best pictures. I will have to print them out and show them to everyone. He gets more handsome in every picture! I wish I could reach out and hold him right now!
I know Cain is going to do great in his surgery. I'm marking it on my calendar and will start praying with Holli tonight for him and his doctors.
We love ya'll and can't wait to see you. Tell Cain I love him.

julie moss said...

I will be honored to donate blood for you. I am O+. I made a promise to God when I watched my daddy (and best friend) in the hospital receiving blook. Although my dad did not make it, I promised myself I would return the gift that others gave. So here is my chance. So you will be strong, it's going to be for you Cain.
Lots of love to you and your family.
Julie Moss

Kathy said...

Catherine, he is getting so rolly polly! What a precious child! Glad things are going so well. We miss you.

The Watsons said...

he is getting so big!! i see those rolls on his upper thigh! what a cutie! I hope I get to see ya'll when you come for the Glenn!

ashleycottrell said...

I have marked my calendar. I will be there. We are praying daily. I see you found me on Twitter. I am very new and haven't sent my first "tweet" yet so maybe you can give me some pointers. See you soon...hopefully.

Natalie Houin said...

I so know EXACTLY how you feel. I hope all goes well for you. I'll keep him in my prayers. Guess what. Baby Sal is O+ too. Crazy. Hope you're holding up ok.